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The Midvale Hub offers a range of community based Playgroups at Hub sites (Midvale and Middle Swan) and on local primary school sites too! Something to suit everyone!

Come Play & Learn With Us – Playgroups for Everyone

Our Playgroups are friendly, informal play-based opportunities for parents and caregivers with young children to have some fun, to meet other parents, to learn about age-appropriate parenting and to all participate together in early learning activities with their children.


Early Learning and Parenting Play Leaders

All our Playgroups are facilitated by qualified Early Childhood Educators. They help parents set up and run the Playgroup sessions. Our Play Leaders are early childhood experts and can assist you with parenting questions and any
concerns regarding child development. At each Playgroup the Play Leaders provide a variety of toys and equipment and set up activities to promote children’s learning and development.


You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

The first years of your child’s life are crucial to building a strong
foundation for future success. That’s why at the Midvale Hub we
endeavor to support parents in their parenting journey from birth
throughout the early childhood years so that children are ready
for their eventual entry to school.


Young Learners

Playgroup gives your child opportunities to socialise with other
children and learn vital new skills. We organise our Playgroups
to allow children to have choice and to explore the environment at
their own pace according to their individual interests, personalities
and skills.


At Playgroup children will:

  • Have fun

  • Play together with other children

  • Participate in new play and learning experiences

  • Respond to other adults

  • Make new friends

  • Learn simple rules and routines

  • Increase social and communication skills

  • Learn more about their world, and

  • Learn to look after and respect one another. 


Make New Friends

Come along for a cuppa, a snack and a chat with other local parents. Many long term friendships begin at Playgroup!


Fun for all the Family

All Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Caregivers are welcome.

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