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Child and Parent Centre

(Parenting and Family Support)


Parenting is such an important job. The earliest years of a child’s life are critical to their future development and academic success. The future is formed in these early years and parents and caregivers have a vital role in supporting optimal development. Each stage of childhood presents new challenges and continuing to learn about these different stages and developing skills to support your child as they grow means you will be doing the best possible job.


We Work in Partnership With You

At the Midvale Hub we work in partnership with parents to share knowledge and develop parenting skills so that children are supported to reach their potential at each age and developmental stage.


The Hub’s Parenting Educators have a wealth of knowledge and experience and they understand how vital the early years are when young children’s brains are undergoing rapid growth. Our Parent Educators coach parents to tune in
to their children’s development to build resilient, emotionally intelligent,
capable children. Our educators are parents themselves and can
offer a wealth of practical support and advice for you on your
parenting journey.


Learn New Parenting Skills Play Leaders

At our three community based sites and in various local
primary schools parents come together to increase their
knowledge and develop skills to support them in meeting
their children’s needs and to be the very best parent they
can be.


Through playgroups, play sessions, workshops and parenting
sessions, parents and caregivers can learn more about
developmental ages and stages and what is needed to
support healthy child development at each stage.


Are You Pregnant?

Having a baby for the first time can be both wonderful and daunting. At the Midvale Hub we know that a child has the best start to life if their parents are well supported in developing the parenting knowledge and skills required to give their child the best start. The Hub has parenting preparation programs for expectant parents and our Parenting Educators provide links to resources to ensure that new parents have all they require to welcome their new baby into their family.


Are You a New Parent?

Because a child’s first years are critical for health, wellbeing and later success, the Midvale Hub has developed a series of interconnected early childhood programs and services that teach new and expectant parents and other caregivers about healthy development from birth. The Hub’s Parenting Educators assist parents in gaining a strong understanding of the importance of healthy brain development and how to help their children to grow, learn and thrive. From the very start our Parenting Educators help parents and caregivers develop the necessary skills to raise happy healthy children.


You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

The first years of your child’s life are crucial to building a strong foundation for future success. That’s why at the Midvale Hub we endeavor to support parents in their parenting journey from birth throughout the early childhood years so children are ready for their eventual transition to school.


Do You Have School Aged Children?

The transition to school and the childhood years present new challenges for your child and for your role as their parent. The Hub is here to help you with developing skills to support each stage as it unfolds. We offer a range of helpful parenting programs for parents of school aged children.


Parenting Programs and Coaching

The Midvale hub offers a range of parenting programs to assist you to grow happy healthy children. Individual assistance with parenting is available for any parenting concerns you may have, just see one of our Hub team members and they will be happy to listen and provide practical support and skill building.


Make New Friends

Come along for a cuppa, a snack and a chat with other local parents. Many long term friendships begin at Playgroup!


Fun for all the Family

All Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Caregivers are welcome. 




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