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What we do


Our mission is to reduce barriers that prevent the community from flourishing by empowering adults and children to access programs and services that encourage them to proactively learn, knowledge-build and to strive towards achieving a brighter future.


The Midvale Hub has gained a community-wide reputation for being an approachable, friendly and helpful organisation. Over the last 35 years we
have been successful in having:

  • a high level of community trust and respect

  • a strong knowledge of local context

  • a track record in becoming increasingly more effective through research, continuous learning, engagement and relationship building

  • a longstanding relationships with key stakeholders

  • an ability to engage new stakeholders to achieve even better integrated programs/services for parents and children

  • a strong relationship with the local Aboriginal and CALD communities


The Midvale Hub delivers a suite of early education and care services, parenting programs and adult study programs that are designed with local families to meet grassroots needs. The Hub also fosters partnerships with other organisations to deliver integrated programs/services to provide solutions that cater for a broad range of community health, education and family support needs. The facilitation and delivery of high quality education, parenting and well-being programs/ services in a positive way has resulted in achieving significant
improvements in development and learning outcomes for the
local community.


The Midvale Hub has three purpose built community-based
facilities that provide children and families with a safe place
to learn, play and grow. Many of these programs and services
operate from these locations:

  • Midvale Early Childhood and Parenting Centre

  • Child and Parent Centre – Swan (Middle Swan)


In addition, our programs/services also operate at
our local primary schools (Midvale, Middle Swan,
Clayton View, Swan View and St Brigids). By having access to
these environments, this enables us to have a greater
exposure to the community to deliver effective
programs/services that address the needs
of the community.

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