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How we do it


To ensure that each child can grow, learn and thrive, the Midvale Hub team develops meaningful relationships with families using a partnership approach. Family life today is increasingly complex and a partnership approach to family support means we can work together to address barriers to healthy family functioning. Children thrive when they grow up in healthy households, with family members connected to required services and when they have access to quality early education and care programs. The Midvale Hub has evolved to support families in all these areas.

Many years ago the Midvale Hub recognised that no individual service can meet the increasingly complex needs of families. Working from an Integrated Service Model approach the Midvale Hub has forged effective partnerships with an array of government and non-government agencies to provide a rich network of services to strengthen families and to create a safety net of support in times of need. The Midvale Hub provides a range of universal programs and services for families along with targeted services. Our adult education focus ensures that parents learn vital parenting skills, life skills and employment skills to actively provide well for their families. Our high quality early education and care programs offer families early learning opportunities provide a platform for successful transition to school and life long learning.

Working from a holistic community engagement perspective and providing multiple ‘soft-entry’ points the Midvale Hub has
been successful in identifying and engaging ‘at risk’ children
and families.

The Hub’s expert team of Community Links outreach
workers are specialised in connecting with traditionally
‘hard to reach’ families resulting in improved outcomes
for those children and families who would have
otherwise fallen through the gaps.

The Midvale Hub has been successful in engaging
‘at risk’ families by:

  • Being on the ground, in the community

  • Promptly recognising and actioning child and
    parent needs

  • Providing warm and welcoming family friendly spaces

  • Providing no cost/low cost programs and services

  • Helping families apply for external program/services funding
    (e.g. CCS,
     NDIS, Austudy, Centrelink)

  • Actively helping parents with administration and other bureaucratic requirements (e.g. filling out paperwork, making appointments)

  • Providing transport solutions

  • Providing culturally sensitive, trauma informed services.

The Midvale Hub is ever evolving as it responds to current and emerging needs of local children and families. Ongoing research and training ensures that the professionals working within Hub model continue to be effective in assisting families grow, learn and thrive.

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