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Adult Education


At the Midvale Hub we are committed to life-long learning. We provide a range of Playgroups and Parenting Programs for all parents and caregivers. Adult Education opportunities are also on offer for you to develop skills and upgrade educational qualifications.

Adult Education Opportunities

At the Midvale Hub we recognise that children are best supported by parents and caregivers who are improving their lives through further education. Whether it is completing your high school certificate or a desire for vocational studies to increase employment opportunities, the Hub, in partnership with TAFE, has adult education classes on site for you to gain a qualification.

Classes are small with a dedicated lecturer and Hub support worker to help you with your study program and the development of employment skills.


Preparation for Study

The Midvale Hub offers literacy and numeracy support classes
to get you up to speed for further study. Computer skills classes
are also available to help you with further learning and
study skills.


Midland Young Parents’ Program

The Midvale Hub has a specific program for expectant parents
and young parents returning to study after the birth of a baby.
Parenting knowledge and skills are incorporated into the study
program and our Hub support workers provide support to
remove barriers to study.

Young parents return to study to complete their high school certificates
and to then pursue further qualifications and job ready skills.


Mature Aged Students

Our Adult Education groups have a wide range of age groups and people with
different backgrounds and experiences.


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